National Microchipping Month


June is National Microchipping Month. National Microchipping Month is a campaign that encourages and promotes responsible pet ownership through microchipping as the preferred method of permanent identification.

It was recently reported that almost 9 out of 10 cats brought into the RSPCA were not microchipped*. Losing a pet cat can be very distressing. The sad truth is that even the best-loved and well-trained cats can go missing. They can be inquisitive and get trapped in a shed or garage, become spooked by loud noises, cars, or fights with other cats in their territory, causing them to run away and get lost.

A microchip is a secure way of identifying the owner of a pet cat. Without a microchip, it can be very difficult to reunite a lost cat with its owner. Cat collars and tags are not always reliable as they can become lost or damaged.

Clients on our Wellness plan receive 15% discount off all services; therefore, the cost of microchipping your cat is only £14:05 for clients on our plan.

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