Be like Roscoe and help by donating blood


Roscoe celebrated his third birthday a little differently this week, like most of us that have celebrated birthdays in the last 10 months. This special boy donated blood.

Just like people, some sick and injured animals may need a blood transfusion. The process for collection is similar to human donation, and donors are required to meet a list of criteria to be considered. They must be:

✓ 1 – 8 years old

✓ Fit and healthy

✓ Weigh over 25kg

✓ Up to date with vaccinations

✓ Never travelled outside of the UK and Ireland

✓ Not on any medication

✓ Have a good temperament

Donors receive a full health check and blood test before being cleared to donate.

Roscoe received lots of tummy rubs, cuddles and praise from our amazing team during donation, and once donation was complete received the equivalent of ‘tea and biscuits’. Following a day of rest and being spoilt by his mum and night nurse Helen, Roscoe is back to his normal cheeky self.

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