Blythman and Partners are dedicated to provisioning the very best equipment available in order to evaluate your pet.

Using this equipment, we can undertake a number of procedures, including endoscopy, ECGs and blood pressure monitoring.


Our Gosforth Hospital is equipped to carry out endoscopy and we have a number of endoscopes ranging in size to suit the patient and procedure.

An endoscope is a special flexible tube with a viewing port/camera attached permitting visualisation inside hollow organs such as the stomach, oesophagus and intestines. This allows our vets to identify abnormalities such as swelling, inflammation and strictures or used to find and remove foreign bodies such as grass seeds, sticks and toys.

We have an ECG (Electocardiograph) machine, which is a simple non-invasive test used to evaluate the hearts rate, rhythm and conduction. The electrical impulses generated by the heart when it is beating produces a graph that can be used to evaluate and monitor the health of your pet’s heart. It is usually used alongside radiography and ultrasonography of the chest.

Blood pressure monitoring is vital in assessing the cardiovascular status of a patient, this can be performed during surgery or as a diagnostic test on its own. Our blood pressure machine uses a non-invasive Oscillometirc cuff that inflates automatically on the patient’s limb or tail to give us instant accurate readings for evaluation.

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