Information, recommendations and important advice on pet insurance, covering the cost of your pet’s treatment at Blythman and Partners.


Blythman and Partners strongly recommend pet insurance, to help you cover the cost of any unexpected veterinary treatment.

We routinely ask you to pay for your pet’s treatment then provide us with a claim form from your insurance company. Please ensure the policy holders section is completed and signed before leaving it to be completed by the Veterinary team. The completed claim form will then be sent to your insurance company for them to reimburse you.

Please be aware that a further claim form will be required for subsequent treatment and visits.

Pet Insurance facts

At Blythman and Partners, we can introduce puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old with 4 weeks’ free insurance with Petplan.

This is usually at their first visit to the surgery and gives your pet instant cover against illnesses and injuries. We would recommend that you choose a lifetime/covered for life insurance policy as this usually means that you will have cover for a set amount of veterinary fees that is renewed each policy year and is ideal for ongoing conditions such as diabetes, skin problems or heart disease.

There are a wide range of policies available, all of which usually require you to pay an excess per condition. Cover can vary from 12 months for a condition or for the lifetime of your pet. You need to check the details of the policy carefully.

When taking out a new policy any pre-existing conditions must be declared, these are usually excluded on your policy. It is important to remember this fact if you are looking to change your insurance company.


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