Fly strike advice


As the weather gets warmer, it’s important to protect your rabbits against fly strike.

Fly strike happens when flies lay their eggs in dirty hair around the rabbit’s back end, hatching into maggots which damage the rabbit’s skin. Fly strike can develop and worsen very quickly, causing severe illness and possibly death. It is an emergency and affected rabbits should be brought to the vets as an emergency.

How can fly strike be prevented?

1) Keep your rabbits hutch very clean. You may need to clean it more regularly in the summer, lifting out soiled bedding every 1-2 days.
2) Check your rabbits bottom regularly to check it is clean.
3) Rabbits may be dirty due to health conditions such as diarrhoea or incontinence. If you are concerned that your rabbit is affected by this, it must be seen by a vet.
4) Apply Rearguard to your rabbits every 6-8 weeks during the summer.
5) Know the signs – early signs maybe as subtle as your rabbit not running for his breakfast in the morning or slight behaviour changes.

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Photo: Our model is Heinz, who lives with our Gosforth receptionist Melissa.