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Kitten/Cat Advice: Scratching

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Kitten/Cat Advice: Scratching

Scratching objects is a normal, instinctive behaviour for cats.

Cats do this to express a wide range of emotions. Cats can scratch when they are stressed or happy. They can scratch to trim down claws or even mark their territory.

scratching and is a normal way of feline communication.

It is up to us to provide appropriate outlets for them to scratch, as many cats have limited access to the outdoors where they would naturally use trees or fences.

If your cat is scratching a wide variety of furniture throughout the home and causing damage, they may be feeling their territory is being threatened so it’s important to help them feel secure within their home.

  • Provide extra litter trays
  • Provide extra or different scratch posts around the home
  • Provide safe hides at different heights
  • Ensure water and food are separate and there are multiple sources
  • Add pheromone diffusers around the home

It’s important to know what your cat prefers to scratch as some cats prefer different textures to others so providing different options is advised.

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