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Kitten/Cat Advice: Spraying

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Kitten/Cat Advice: Spraying

What is spraying?

Spraying consists of a cat backing up against an object with their tail upright, spraying short bursts of urine which has a very strong pungent smell, different to their normal urine.

Why does spraying occur?

Entire (unneutered) cats will often mark their territory and possessions by spraying. Spraying can also be sexual; they may start to advertise their availability if they smell a mate nearby. It can also be an indicator of emotional stress or a medical issue.

How can you prevent spraying?

Neutering is advised; entire cats can be difficult to live with and neutering will reduce the need for sexual spraying.

Ensuring cats have their own territory is essential especially in multi cat households. This means providing a litter tray for each cat plus an extra one. Provide multiple food and water stations to ensure cats are not competing. The water sources should be placed far from the food as many cats don’t like to drink in close proximity to their food. They must have their own beds with some placed high to avoid conflict if necessary.
For indoor cats; window films are a good way of blocking the view to other cats.
Set up multiple pheromone diffusers around the home.

Is my cat spraying due to a medical condition?

Some cats spray due to an underlying health condition. Cystitis can be a common cause for spraying in cats, often referred to as feline lower urinary tract disease. It’s important to get a full health check by your veterinary surgeon to rule out this condition.

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